Dispersant IW

Chemical composition: condensation substance of aliphatic alcohol and ethylene oxide

Type: nonionic

HBL value: 1718 (theoretical value, for inference)

Technical specification:


white flaky solid

PH (1% aque. solu.)


Cloud point (5% Nacl solu.)




Characteristic and Applications:

1. Easily dissolved in water and can be mixed with all kinds of surfactant, acidproof, alkali proof, hard water proof, favorable property of emulsification and dispersibility.

2. Used as strong dispersant in one bath process dyeing of wool and nitrile blend fabric.

3. Used as deprecipitator when use acid dyes and cation dyes.

4. Used as raw material of industrial detergent and fiberglass emulgator.

Package and Storage:

P.P plastic bag, 20Kg/bag.

Storage period:  two years.

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