Abstergent AR-812

Chemical composition: nonionic surfactant compound

Type: nonionic    

HBL value: 11--12 (theoretical value, for inference)      

Technical specification:


Faint yellow to colorless grease

PH (1% aque. solu.)


Cloud point (1% aque. solu.)


Characteristic and Applications:

1. Easily dissolved in water, excellent wettability, emulsification, ablution and diffusion, well dirt carrying and diffusive force to light fouling and heavy fouling on all kind of fibre.

2. Used as abstergent of cotton, terylene/cotton, terylene/ viscose and synthesis fibre textile, additive during the scheduling of sizing, ablution, rinsing and dyeing in printing and dyeing industry.

3. Used as wetting agent and leveling agent of vat dyes, acid dyes and direct dyes, favorable stripping and ablution property to reactive dyes, azoic dyes and disperse dyes.

4. Used as finishing agent and stripping agent of calico printing.

5. In wool spinning industry used as wool detergent and degreasing agent, pretreatment of wool shrinkproof.  Favorable property of infiltration and ablution in acid bath.

6. Can be dispersed to household and industrial liquid detergent with strong dirt removing power.

Package and Storage: 

Plastic drum, 50Kg/drum.

Storage period:  two years.

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