Pentaerythritol stearate

Chemical composition: esterification of pentaerythritol and stearic acid

Type: nonionic

Technical specification:

Appearance: white sheet

Acid value (mgKOH / g): 4

Hydroxyl value (mgKOH / g): 5

Saponification value (mgKOH / g): 185 ~ 195

Melting point (): 55 ~ 65


Characteristic and applications:

1. Pets has good thermal stability, low volatility, good demoulding and flow performance at high temperature. It is used as plasticizer and lubricant in rubber and plastic industries, especially suitable for working conditions requiring both thermal stability and excellent demoulding performance.

2. It plays a role of plasticization and lubrication in the rubber molding process; it has excellent nucleation effect on partially crystallized plastics and can be used for transparent products; as the external lubricant of PC, rigid PVC and other polymer systems, the typical dosage is 0.1-1%, which is lower than most traditional lubricants.


Package and Storage: 

P.P plastic bag, 25Kg/bag.

Storage period: two years.

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