Castor oil phosphate

Chemical composition: Castor oil phosphate

Type: anion

Technical specification:

Appearance (25 ); yellow brown transparent oil body

Emulsion stability: 24 hours without layering, no floating oil (with neutral oil to make leather fatliquoring agent, diluted by 1:9).


Characteristic and applications:

It has low surface tension, good emulsification, strong decontamination, antistatic, non-toxic, non irritant, electrolyte resistance and other excellent properties. It can be used as emulsifier and additive of daily chemicals, preparation of various washing, cleaning, cleaning and dry cleaning preparations, dispersant in organic and polymer synthesis, antistatic agent in textile industry and fatliquor in leather industry. It is a new type of surfactant with wide application.


Package and Storage: 

Metal pail, 200Kg/drum or plastic drum, 50Kg/drum.

Storage period:  two years.

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