Levelling Agent O

Chemical composition: condensation substance of fatty acid and ethylene oxide

Type: nonionic

HBL value: 1617(theoretical value, for inference)

Technical specification:




White flake

Celerity (Pt-Co, 1% aqua. solu.)


PH (1% aqua. solu.)


Cloud point (5% caladium natrium solu.)


calcium soap dispersancy




Characteristic and applications:

1. Used as levelling agent, diffusant and stripping agent in printing and dyeing industry, commonly dosage 0.21g/L. Can enhance colouration fastness, color development brilliancy and equality, remove ordure that scattered and concentrated on textile by tincture, improve detergency of ABS-Na synthetic detergent, reduce electrostatic effect of textile.

2. Used as abstergent to remove grease stain on metal surface during processing. Also used as solubilizer (brightener).

3. Used as emulgator in fiberglass industry, reduce the breakage of fiberglass and eradicate flokkit.

4. Used as O/W emulgator in general industry, excellent property of emulsification to vegetable oil, animal oil, stearic acid, paraffin wax and mineral oil, can be dispensed to very stable latex. Component of filature preparation agent for synthetic fibre such as terylene, etc. component of emulgator for macromole polymerism.

5. Used as seed soaking penetrant in agriculture to enhance pesticide penetrating power and seed germination rate.

Package and Storage:

P.P plastic bag,  20Kg/bag.

Storage period:  two years.

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