Multifunctional metal surface pretreatment liquid
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1. Preparation method

(1) Hydrate zinc oxide 4 times into paste, and then add part of phosphoric acid and stir it into A solution.

(2) Pour water, alkyl phenol polyoxyethylene ether, quaternary ammonium salt, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxymethylimidazoline, ethylene glycol, A solution, residual phosphoric acid, tartric acid, sodium tripolyphosphates, RH accelerator, benzotriazole, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether, osmotic agent JFC, sodium gluconate into the reaction kettle in the following order.

(3) Finally, stir at room temperature for 1.5-3.0 hours to produce a transparent and agglomeration-free finished product.

Second, product application
      This product is mainly used for metal surface treatment. The pretreatment liquid of this product can be used to treat metal parts by soaking, spraying and brushing three methods.

Immersion method: pour the product into the immersion tank, dust the surface of the workpiece completely immersed in the treatment solution, according to the temperature and corrosion degree, control the immersion time 20-80 minutes, and can be heated; Then take out the workpiece and dry it.

Spray method: pump the treatment liquid into the nozzle above the spray chamber, so that the workpiece is under the nozzle, spray, and keep the workpiece wet; General control time is 20-60 minutes; After drying, coating.

Besmear method: first remove dust and dirt on the surface of the workpiece; Dip the treatment solution on the surface of the workpiece with a brush, and keep wet; After repeatedly brushing to meet the processing requirements, dry, coating and plating workpiece.

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