How to select the appropriate scouring penetrant
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In general, textile fibers are subjected to a scouring treatment before dyeing and finishing to remove natural impurities (such as waxes, pectins, nitrogen compounds, cottonseed shells); and pulp and oils during spinning. Agent to improve the fibers water absorption and softness, and to facilitate the adsorption and diffusion of dyes during printing and dyeing. If the scouring is incomplete and uneven, it will cause uneven dyeing, poor color yield, poor fastness and other problems, which will seriously affect the quality and grade of the product. Additives must also meet environmental requirements. Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable refining penetrant according to the type of fiber and fabric and the process and equipment used.


First, the following is a brief introduction to the refined penetrant evaluation and general and simple detection methods:

1 permeability: 2g / L scouring agent

1.1.a. Do not adjust pH; b. Adjust pH 12.0.

1.2. Test the sedimentation speed by the standard canvas sedimentation method (test solution 500ml).

1.3. Measure at least 3 times and take 2 times to calculate the average.

2 Foaming: (concussion method or aeration method or juice machine method)

2.1. Take 50cc of brewing scouring agent 2g / L, put it into the measuring cylinder with stopper, and shake it up and down 30 times.

2.2. Record: Instant, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2, 3 minutes foam height.

3. Detergency:

3.1. Infusion scouring agent 3g / L.

3.2. Unsizing cloth.

3.3. Bath ratio 1:10. Processing conditions 98 ° C × 30 minutes.

3.4. Regain moisture after drying. Measure hair effect (climbing speed) above O.5h.

* Wool effect: Take a piece of cloth with a length of 10cm and a width of 2.5cm. Draw a line at 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 5cm. Record the climb time (a fast speed indicates a strong cleaning power).

4. Emulsification:

4.1. Take 109 scouring agent + 3% Na0H 40ml + 10g dimethyl silicone oil.

4.2. Put into a graduated cylinder and shake well, and record: the height of the emulsion layer in real time, 2h, 24h.

5. Alkali resistance: foaming scouring agent 2g / L

5.1. According to the required tablet alkali test: 0g / L, 5g / L, 10g / L, 20g / L ...

5.2. Observe whether oil slick: Record: instant, 2h, 24h (generally need to pass 24h without oil slick).

6. Temperature resistance: scouring agent 2g / L

6.1.a. No base added; b with 2g / L.

6.2. Take 400ml each of the test solution and place it in the test machine at 100 ° C for 60 minutes.

6.3. Observe whether there is oil slick after taking out.


2. According to different fibers and processes and equipment, Shanghai Zexing Company will refine the penetrant, classify according to product characteristics, and make the following recommendations.

Refining penetrant selection series list:

1. Powerful low foam scouring detergents Sinmorle FS-220 and Sinmorle FS-50

 Suitable for all kinds of fibers, especially recommended for knitted fabrics.

 Excellent emulsifying and penetrating power, used for oil removal.

High temperature resistance, can be used for high-pressure scouring and Relax dyeing in one bath.

Reference dosage: 0.5 1.0g / L

2. Powerful scouring and penetration detergent Sinmorle L-25, FS-30conC.

Suitable for all kinds of fibers; it is especially recommended as a penetrant for desizing enzymes of colored fabrics.

It has excellent emulsifying power and strong permeability, and has excellent removal effect on difficult to remove oil and wax.

It has excellent alkali resistance and can be used in combination with oxidation or enzyme desizing agents and reducing bleaching agents with good stability.

Particularly recommended for washing and carbonization of Wool and its blended fabrics.

Reference dosage: 0.5 2.0g / L

3.Sinmorle SP-450, Sinmorle SP-420

? Suitable for cold-rolled pile pretreatment of cellulose and its blends

? Alkali, acid and high temperature resistance.

Low foaming, excellent alkali penetration resistance, can resist tablet alkali more than 80g / L.

Suitable for denim dyeing and preparation of high concentration mother liquor with good stability.

Reference dosage: 0.6-12.0g / L (0.5 3.0g / L for denim training and dyeing)

4. Alkali-resistant refining penetrant Sinmorle SP-350, Sinmorle SP-320

It is suitable for cellulose fibers. In the continuous scouring and bleaching process, the mother liquor prepared at high concentration has good stability.

Alkali, acid and high temperature resistant.

Strong permeability, low foaming, can be operated at high cloth speed (above 100m / min).

Excellent alkali penetration resistance, can resist tablet alkali more than 180g / L.

Reference dosage: 3.0—6.0g / L

5.Sinmorle SP-521

Suitable for knitting and bobbin yarns (such as wine red, black, navy blue, etc.) for scouring and dyeing in one bath.

It has multiple functions such as emulsification, penetrating and wetting, chelating and dispersing, leveling, and anti-wrinkle.

Silicon-free, almost bubble-free, improves dye leveling and reproducibility on bobbins

Compared with the traditional process, it improves production efficiency, saves energy and reduces emissions

Less damage to the yarn, maintaining better strength and feel

Free of APEO and phosphate

Reference dosage: 1.5 3.0g / L

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