Types of defoamers for textile printing and dyeing
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Silicone defoamer for textile printing and dyeing: Silicon-containing defoamer for textile printing and dyeing has low surface tension, low solubility, good dispersion and long-lasting effect. It has strong defoaming and anti-foaming ability with a small amount. This kind of defoamer is a kind of defoamer widely used in textile industry because of its inactive chemical properties, non-toxicity and no pollution to the environment. The silicone defoamer developed by Defeng defoamer factory has four kinds of silicone oil, silicone oil solution, silicone oil and other fillers and silicone oil emulsion. The main application of silicone oil emulsion is silicone oil, modified silicone oil, different molecular weight mixed silicone oil or silicone oil and inorganic silicon additives. The components contain emulsifiers, which make silicone oil emulsified or dispersed in water to form emulsion.

  Silicon-free defoamers for textile printing and dyeing: There are many kinds of silicon-free defoamers for textile printing and dyeing, which are in great demand at home and abroad. Among them, a small number of varieties are single components, most of them are compound mixtures, and their properties are different. Some products also have unique advantages.

1. Because defoamer does not contain silicon, it will not cause contamination or oil stain on equipment wall and fabric.
2. In addition to defoaming, some products have the properties of penetration, washing, slow dyeing and leveling at the same time. They can be used as multi-functional additives and are more widely used than silicon-containing defoamers.
3. Some defoamers have synergistic effect with various surfactants, and have dispersing or leveling effect, which can prevent dye condensation and make the fabric easy to clean.
4. Some products have good high temperature resistance and are suitable for high temperature process.
The main components of silicon-free defoamers are as follows:
5. Alcohols, ethers, fatty acids and their alcohols, animal and vegetable oils or mineral oils, as well as polyethylene glycol propylene glycol, are readily available as raw materials and have a certain defoaming effect. They can be used in textile industry alone or in combination.
6. Fatty defoamers have good defoaming effect and are widely used.
7. Alcohols include aliphatic alcohols and diols.

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